Hudson's Voice

“The purpose of Hudson’s Voice, LLC is to promote and advance the common good and general welfare of the Hudson, Ohio Community, through a social community movement designed to be an effective resource to the City and its City Council, by elevating and encouraging discourse regarding legislation, ballot initiatives, property development and/or other civic issues that affect the greater good of the citizens of Hudson.”

Rebecca Leiter, President

Jessie Flagg Obert, Vice President

Ed Stein, Treasurer

We believe can embrace who we are

 and can change our community for the better.

Whats Happening Now...

  • We are continuing to monitor the changing plans for Phase2.

  • Actively engaging in the Charter Review Commission to reflect the desires of our fellow Hudsonites. Support policy changes. 

  • Engaging the citizenry, discovering new areas Hudson's Voice can support the people. 


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